An Exercise Bike Will Give You A Great Work Out

Being a high impact cardio vascular workout machine, an exercise bike can give you an excellent workout. They help in losing weight by burning calories and in toning up the joints and muscles of the lower body, especially the thigh and calf muscles.

exercise-and-workA great bonus is it’s very convenient for people to listen to music or read a book while they are exercising on a stationary bike. Also, unlike treadmills and fitness rowers, which generally require a lot of floor space, an exercise bike has a much smaller foot print and can therefore easily be installed in the home, which means that even in a small area, you can have a great workout. This is just one reason why the popularity of exercise bikes is second only to that of treadmills.

You can buy an exercise bike for as little as $200 for a low-budget model  or go up to $3000, and beyond, for a top of the range machine.  However, before you buy such a bike, read the reviews online and in various fitness equipment magazines. If you need to be careful of how much you spend, you can opt for a used static bike. By shopping around you can often get a machine that’s seen very little use but is still heavily discounted in price.

After reading the reviews and compiling a small list of likely candidates for yourself, ask at your local gym or a personal trainer for some impartial advice. Also ask the advice of those who have already used or are currently using exercise bikes.

All this research is called doing your due diligence and will ensure you get the right machine for you, and at the right price too!